Search for my Eiffel tower proposal photo on 11th Nov 2014 7pm

Eiffel tower proposal photo on 11/11/2014

Hi readers, I am writing in hope that one of you would be my saviour and help me find one of the most important photos in my life. I am in search of my lost proposal photo in front of the Eiffel tower.

You see, on 11th of November 7pm, I proposed to my beloved girlfriend in front of the Eiffel tower. She said yes! And right after I proposed, two Taiwanese girls living in California came over and introduced themselves. It had turned out that this beautiful moment was captured in their photos and the photos were magnificent! They kindly offered to send us the photos and we were delighted. I gave them my email address but something must’ve gone wrong and those photos never made it to me.

If you are the person who took the photo or know someone who did, please please contact me. I would do anything for those photos!!

The event took place at 11th of November 2014 (Armistice day) at 7pm.

These photos below should help you identify us.


在11月11日,我在巴黎(艾菲爾)鐵塔前像我的女朋友求婚。這浪漫的一刻剛好有被旁邊來自美國加州兩家台灣女孩拍下來的。他們好心的說要將照片寄到我的電子信箱。可惜的是 我到先在還沒收到這些照片。 如果您有這照片或知道誰照的,請與我聯繫。我回會非常非常的感謝!

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